My name is Manuel Tejeda and I'm a happy man. I have a beautiful family. I love my wife and my two boys and I have the great privilege of having many friends, some of them proved in difficult times. I have a doctorate in Philosophy, I work as a small business consultant and I'm not a member of any political party ... And yes, I speak English with an accent.

Until not long ago I was over-struggling with my accent, til I understood that "it comes with the package", that it's the same accent, or at least very similar to the accent of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people who came to the U.S. following a dream or dreaming about a better future. I hope they will understand me and they will support this endeavor: even if they do not have the accent any more, they still have their dream.

It's necessary and useful to improve our English, but we shouldn't be ashamed of our accent, as well as we shouldn't be ashamed of our roots, and as soon as we put all our efforts, hearts, minds and words (with an accent or without it) in supporting this great country in its struggle to keep alive the American dream..., that same dream that today is in danger.

And if we let Mitt Romney win the November Elections that dream won't be in danger any more, simply because that dream will disappear for ever... or will stay only for the few ones, represented by Romney and his ultra wealthy supporters. 
Barack Obama is our only chance and Barack Obama is our only choice... and we have to say it out loud, with an accent or without it

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