Everything is For Sale: even Elections

Credit: facebook.com/NorthernSunFan
There is a great lesson from recent Wisconsin elections: everything is for sale. It's not people who win an election, it's not merit or political platforms... it's MONEY who wins elections. It's about which candidate outspends the others.

Walker was the beneficiary of a Wisconsin law passed in 1987 that directly inclined the balance in his favor: in a recall, the politician being recalled can accept donations of unlimited size from individuals and the opponent can't.

Now it is clear how the most unpopular Governor in America survived a recall election: Walker and his allies just outspent the Democrats nearly eight to one. The Corporations and some special interest Walker represents spent the last 1.5 years spending nearly eight times more than the Democratic challenger to make sure he won that race. 

For Republicans and specially for Romney's team it was like an experiment. Now they are happy and confident because they are convinced that if they outspend Obama and his followers, they'll win  the November election for sure

Mr. Romney has already run his own experiment: in primary after primary against Paul, Santorum and Gingrich, he and his backers poured millions into negative ads until they got the desired results..., but they are not counting on the fact that everybody learns from certain lessons and that social experiments train not only the researchers but the "rabbits" too.

America is watching closely and America is learning. Progressive minded Americans are ready to fight a war of position and not a war of maneuver. In spite of all the money of the radical right; in spite of all manipulations of the media;  in spite of the fact that a certain number of voters will buy into the cynical Republican demonization of the truth, true Americans will vote for the change we need now more than ever... An this is something that should be said out loud, with an accent or without it.

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