Barack Obama's Original Video

Of course it's a joke. You can find the original video at, upload your photo and become yourself a hero.

What is not a joke is that Barack Obama is the real Hero of Democracy lovers in the United States and that he, and only HE will win the November Election.

And this is something that must be said out loud, with an accent or without it.

Democrats or Republicans: Happy Fathers' Day

Let's make an stop in our political battles, just to honor our Fathers: Democrats or Republicans: Happy Father's Day! There are some moments in our lives when we're not "political animals", and today is one of those: today we're just children that want to say: Thanks, Papa! And this is something that have to be said out loud, with an accent or without it.

Want to Become a Democrat? Listen to Rush Limbaugh!

Trying to improve my English (some gurus advised me to listen more radio in English), I found a radio show, whose host speaks perfect English, without an accent, for 3 generations: Rush Bin Hudson Laden Limbaugh III.

His English is almost perfect. At the very beginning I enjoyed listening to him: he uses idioms, he uses synonyms, he uses the in..., well, no, he doesn't use the intelligence, because that could bring him to the truth and truth is what Mr. Limbaugh hates the most. In most cases, Limbaugh has only one problem: he doesn't know what he's talking about, but you have to recognize that Rush Limbaugh has a finely honed ability to twist and distort reality. 

Obama Has a Vision. Romney has... maybe a Vison Coat.

Today -June 15th 2012- is a historic day for America. Today President Obama made a necessary, just and brave decision: to stop deporting children of illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria and are in the country in good standing. The conditions as laid out in the release are:

Mitt Romney and the Future of Cuba

This post should be very simple, because the situation by itself is simple and clear. If Romney comes to the White House there is no doubt what will be his policy towards Cuba: he will get back to what didn't work for more than 50 years. Or do I have to correct myself?: he will return to what didn't work in order to get the Castros out of power, but worked very efficiently in order to generate more limitations and more suffering for Cuban people.

Obama, Romney and Kids' "Six Sense"

There is no scientific proof about the "six sense". However, all parents know that kids have a natural "detector" or intuition about people, some special ability to perceive who the good or bad people are, and it's well documented that they have a nonverbal way to take in information. This gift goes way back to our anthropological past, when the survival of infants and children depended on their learning to read people and quickly determine who was friend or a predator.

As many of you, I have a scientific mind and I only count statements proven by science as facts... Anyway I want to share with you these pictures I took from the web (sorry if some of them might have copyrights), just because -how they say in good English- a picture is worth a thousand words.

What About Minorities if Romney wins?

I will repeat the question: What will happen with the minorities if Mitt Romney becomes the next President of the United States? I don't know. You don't know. Maybe nobody knows for sure. Mitt Romney is a kind of mysterious man. He has remained vague on many policy details and never distinguished himself with specifics, except perhaps for the old -thousand times played- record stating that "Obama has failed".