150 Days Until Election Day

The next Election Day will be held on November 6th, 2012. It means that we have 150 days left to prepare ourselves, to get ready for one of the most important battles in human history. It's not about Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney, or Democrats vs Republicans. This time it's about Progress vs Regress. This time it's about Evolution vs Involution. This time it's about -and you have to say it loud, with an accent or without it-, Good vs Evil.

This time it's not only about America, it's about the whole world. It's about Future and Freedom, it's about Democracy and Development,
and it's about Employment and Environment. This time will be a make or brake for this country and for those who dream about a better future in every corner of this world. What happens in November 6th, 2012 will send a clear message to the world of what the intentions of the Americans are. 

It's our time to send a message at the voter's box saying enough is enough, "basta"! We have to stop Social Cannibalism, and it means we have to stop Republicans, we have to stop Romney and we have to stop Regress Supporters.

I'm not saying that  Barack Obama is the "perfect choice", and I'm not saying Democrats incarnate perfection. I'm saying that our men and women will have to choose in November between the "Perfect Evil" and the "Imperfect Good" and I believe in the intelligence of the Americans... The whole world believes in it, and the whole world needs the intelligent American vote.

Then, it's not about winning or loosing. It's about the future of the overwhelming majority or about the greed of the very few... And we have to say it loud, with an accent or without it!

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