This Country is bigger than Wall Street

When I read about Mitt Romney's strategies to become the next President of the United States I can't help but remember a quote from Will Rogers: "This Country is bigger than Wall Street. If they don´t believe it, show'em the map".

The securities and investment industry is betting hard on the candidacy of ONE OF ITS OWN: Mitt Romney. More than 90% of all the money they have poured into the 2012 presidential contest so far has gone to the GOP and its beloved (¿?) son. The sheer

amount of cash Wall Street has already invested in Romney represents an extremely lopsided giving pattern. No other Presidential Candidate in American history comes close to tapping the mother lode of industry riches.

Wall Street is largely using for its contributions a super PAC founded by a manager of Romney's 2008 presidential campaign: "Restore Our Future".  Since its inception, this entity has taken in more than $50 millions in contributions, with about 50% coming from Wall Street rich boys.

The contributions by themselves are not right or wrong (some of Wall Street holy cows are still backing Barack Obama)... What is wrong is the believe (or is it more than that?) that Wall Street can buy the Presidency. Romney and his supporters think that it can, and it can buy it specifically for them.

But Romney and his acolytes are not taking in account what the great Will Rogers stated many years ago: "This Country is bigger than Wall Street. If they don´t believe it, show'em the map" and this is something that has to be said out loud, with an accent or without it.

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Note: For those who don't know who Will Rogers (1879-1935) was: he was an American vaudeville performer, humorist and social commentator who was beloved by the public for helping the poor during the Depression. If he would live nowadays I'm sure he would repeat one of his famous phrases: "The Republican platform promises to do better. I don´t think they have done bad. Everybody's broke but them".

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