Want to Become a Democrat? Listen to Rush Limbaugh!

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Trying to improve my English (some gurus advised me to listen more radio in English), I found a radio show, whose host speaks perfect English, without an accent, for 3 generations: Rush Bin Hudson Laden Limbaugh III.

His English is almost perfect. At the very beginning I enjoyed listening to him: he uses idioms, he uses synonyms, he uses the in..., well, no, he doesn't use the intelligence, because that could bring him to the truth and truth is what Mr. Limbaugh hates the most. In most cases, Limbaugh has only one problem: he doesn't know what he's talking about, but you have to recognize that Rush Limbaugh has a finely honed ability to twist and distort reality. 

In this post, I want to thanks Mr. Limbaugh, because he's the best Obama's supporter. And I think the Democratic Party should erect a monument in Washington to Rush, because if somebody smart enough to think by himself or by herself listen to Rush for 15-20 minutes, it's a fact that he or she will become a Democrat. The most elementary human logic cannot support that kind of aberration.

But I should warn you: please, do not listen to him for more than 20 minutes. Scientific research has demonstrated that if you keep listening to Limbaugh for about half an hour you'll become a communist, because you'll hate capitalism, money, free enterprise and even human rights. You will hate everything he defends because of the way he speaks. He will convince you that Republican vision of the world does not work anymore, that it's an attack on human mind.

Real democracy is built on debate. But Limbaugh has little use for debates; he has forged a media empire largely on unchallenged monologues... He speaks, and he speaks with emotion, with such emotion that you can think he's speaking from heart... But don't get confused: he speaks from his pocket, not from his heart.

And I think it's not fair when somebody accuses "poor Rush" that he's abusive to minorities. In fact, he champions various minority interests: multi-millionaires, bankers, owners of private airplanes and yachts, drugs companies..., and of course, in spite of the fact that he doesn't like Romney, he will back him just because Romney backs the regress of America. 

Romney & Rush (regress & retard) are an endangered specie, but they still can harm a lot..., and this is something that has to be said out loud, with an accent or without it.

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